2010 MAMA Voting

How to create a Mnet account and start voting for your favorite artist(s) for 2010 MAMA!
*It’s FREE to register!

If you already have a Mnet account, click here to start voting!

Step #1:
You  need to make a Yahoo! e-mail account.
Click here to create an account.
*If you already have a Yahoo! e-mail, skip to Step #2.

Step #2:
You must be using Internet Explorer to register an account at Mnet!
Click here to start creating an Mnet account.
Agree to ‘Terms of Service’ by click the little boxes.
When you checked all boxes, click “SAVE” at the bottom of the page.

Step #3:
Fill in the information field.
Choose a username and password (both needs to be in English with number; 6-12 characters long)

Step #4:
When you get to ‘E-mail Validation‘, type in your Yahoo! e-mail.
Click ‘Certification‘ next to the field.
*A pop-up should tell you that the ‘Authentic No.’ is sent to your e-mail.

Step #5:
Check your Yahoo! e-mail account.
Mnet should send you the ‘Authentic No.‘ to your SPAM folder.

Step #6:
Type in the ‘Authentic No.’ under ‘E-mail Validation’.

Step #7:
Type what you see in the ‘Image Number’.
Click ‘SAVE’.

A pop-up should appear saying, “COMPLETE!

Now, you’re all set to vote for your favorite artist(s) for 2010 MAMA!

Click here to vote!


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